Open Letter

Welcome Letter To Riders & Parents 

Thanks very much for allowing your child to be part of the Sicktrixs Team. As discussed with you the team management does not engage with the kids on this level due to the fact that they are minors. Whilst we use the term sponsorship to refer to our riders it’s more than that. Riders are identified because we believe that they have the potential to be far more than just a skateboarder. We look to young people who we have identified as having the potential to be role models and an example within the community.

We also firmly believe that being part of the team has to be fun and that the kids must at no time be subjected to pressure in any form. Whilst we encourage the kids to achieve in skateboarding and competitions we encourage both the kids and parents to set an example as well as lead a balanced life. As parents ourselves we fully understand that school and family commitments are a priority and should always be.
Our support/ sponsorship is based on a level system which is attached as Addendum A. Please read this as it will give an indication as to how your child can progress up the support levels. I will elaborate on this in point 2.

4 ways to move up levels as a team rider.
1) Enter comps (makes up 30%)
2) Teach classes or help new people start or improve skating (30%)
3) Do an event or fun day to help local charity at park or in your area (20%)
4) Social media #‎sicktrixs‬‬‬ or #‎sk8sa‬‬‬ (20%)

What is required of you and your child :
Because Sicktrixs Skateboards focuses on developing and growing skateboarding from the ground up the majority of the profits generated from the sale of decks and paraphernalia goes toward youth development. The responsibility for the team riders and their families is therefore to project a good image for the brand. We understand that the boys are all very young so we respectfully ask that parents assist and guide them with this.
We encourage the boys to partake in as many competitions as possible. However we do realize that very often distance, expenses and time do not always allow for this. Were we can Sicktrixs Skateboards and SK8SA will assist when possible. Team riders who are unable to travel to country wide events due to any of the very real issues mentioned above will not be unfairly penalized in anyway.

2.2 Teach Classes:
This could be as simple as assisting kids at the local park who are new to skateboarding. Being on hand to offer advice and encouragement. We are also in discussions with TopGrom International who are structuring a coaching course which will be internationally accredited. Once we have finalized this it will be offered to our riders who will then be able to offer skateboarding classes

2.3 Fun Day or Charity:
We encourage our riders to give back. We believe that organizing a fun day or charity event is a great way for the kids to give back with very little effort. We ask that parents assist with idea’s and in area’s were we have a number of riders team up and do something together. It can be as simple as cleaning up your local park, Doing a borrie braai or buying a deck for a local kid in need. The possibilities are endless.

2.4 Social Media:
The dreaded Social Media. Kids are supposed to be outside skateboarding, playing sport and having fun not glued to tablets and phones. The reality however is that we as a brand get lots of exposure through social media.
You will however note that we have allocated only 20% of our requirements to social media. Our philosophy is that we want the kids to skate not surf the net. We do however appreciate the publicity and endorsement of the brand. We ask that as parents you take pics of your kids skateboarding and share them with us through our Facebook pages. For the kids who do have phones and access to Facebook let them communicate with the brand. As parents like our pages and keep an eye out for your kids. Comment and encourage them, share with family and friends.
Areeb is the team manager and will on a regular basis be traveling across South Africa to visit and spend time with the team riders. He will also be filming and chatting with the parents when he visits your part of the country.

Communication for us is key and we will keep in contact with the parents of our riders on a regular basis. As parents ourselves we understand that skateboarding can become an obsession with the kids. We ask that should at any time your kids are not focusing on other activities and more especially school work and related extra-murals we are available to support you. In a nut shell what we mean is that should you wish to restrict your kids skateboarding during exams, family vacations, school sport commitments or extra lessons to name a few we will support your decisions without penalizing your child.
If we are holding an event or if your child is traveling to an event with another parent or friend let us know and we will assist the person responsible at the event to enter the kids as well as help them monitor your child.

We ask that as parents and by virtue of the fact that you have agreed to allow your child to be part of Sicktrixs that your support firstly your child as well as the brand its values and principles.

Should you at any time feel that Sicktrixs Skateboards is not of benefit to your child and you wish to terminate the relationship please give us fair notice of 1 calendar month. This allows us to at least ensure that we are able to mutually and amicably go our separate ways

4.2 Other Sponsorships:
Should your child be offered another sponsorship please inform us so we can assess if it’s a conflict of interest. We will never stand in the way of a rider. However we feel that it’s only fair to all parties to be aware so that either party can make an informed decision.

4.3 Competition Participation:
Competition Skateboarding is a competitive environment and not all results are fair. We have devised a set of rules and guidelines for both our team riders, parents and ourselves on how we as a team would like to approach competitions. We ask that at all times the parents support each other, their children and Sicktrixs Skateboards. There will always be subjective decisions. Should such an event occur we ask that the adult team representatives be the ones to raise any issues with the organizers.

In conclusion we thank you for the opportunity of having your child and yourself as part of the team. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Sicktrixs Skateboards 

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